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The skinny leg socks can prevent varicose veins from experts who say it has no long-term effects.

The skinny leg socks can prevent varicose veins from experts who say it has no long-term effects.

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When it comes to skinny socks, they've been popular with girls for two years and are said to wear longer. The smaller the leg the less reliable the socks are? Let's go and see the survey.
This looks like a silk stockings, it takes at least 10 minutes, still have to make good socks, only then can barely wear is medical varicose veins of the socks, commonly known as thin leg socks, it just how amazing, our investigators decided to inquire
The shop says, this kind of socks can achieve the effect of thin leg, the effect is very apparent, and still can prevent varicose vein. The researchers went out of their way to check the data. The medical varicose hosiery is a medical device because it is thicker and tighter than normal socks, which can tighten the legs and make them look thinner. Many businesses have taken advantage of the thin leg, and by beautifying the appearance of the socks, they have transformed the medical varicose socks into the now-popular thin leg socks. The skinny socks have been popular with many young girls since they were introduced, including some female celebrities.
There are more than one celebrity promoting these products. Do you want to replace all the stockings with these skinny socks by listening to their own experience and seeing their white, slender legs? But there are also rumors on the Internet that wearing leggy socks for too long can lead to capillary rupture! To know broken capillaries, not just skin redness that simple, for a long time, can lead to enough oxygen to the skin, become rough, dry, premature aging, even the side effects of the tights really so terrible?
Experts told investigators that the average pressure on the surface of the human skin was about 7.85 kpa, and that if the pressure on the legs of leggings exceeded that limit, rumors would be true. To test the rumors, investigators found a set of experiments that specifically measured the pressure of leggy socks.
After detection, these three thin leg socks, each part of the pressure value should be less than the highest, it seems that the thin leg socks did not have so much pressure. In fact, the danger of these leggings is not that they break the capillaries, but that they block the circulation.
Original medical varicose socks, its pressure design from the ankle to the thigh, gradually decreasing from down to up, so that it can be through the pressure, to help in the blood flowing to the heart of calves stranded again cycle, most can only improve the patients with mild leg edema, is not the so-called lose weight. Most of these leggy socks are not scientifically designed, and the whole sock is full of pressure in order to visually make the legs thinner. Wearing them is equivalent to wrapping your waist and legs tightly with a thick bandage, which can actually speed up blood stasis and make it possible for healthy people to develop varicose veins.
These two years in hebei, jiangxi, shandong, chongqing has a lot of women wear thin leg socks, legs and feet cold and needles, joint pain, or even a leg becomes more and more thick news, experts say, is not really a leg coarsens, but appeared edema. This is also a precursor to varicose veins.
Look relies on wearing thin body socks thin leg is not reliable ah, wearing improper still easy to cause harm to health. Well, we have to ask the experts. Doctors say that the so-called varicose vein, which excludes genetic factors, refers to the venous tortuosity and dilation caused by blood stasis and weak vein wall. Varicose vein can be changed from several parts of the body, such as hemorrhoids is actually a kind of varicose veins, clinical and visible esophageal gastric varices, varicocele and abdominal varicose veins, and so on.
Varicose veins are most commonly found in the lower extremities. It is worth mentioning that varicose veins themselves may be the secondary manifestation of other lesions. If the disease continues to develop, the most serious condition will lead to old and rotten legs.
In general, people who stand for long periods of time, such as teachers, cooks and shop assistants, have higher prevalence than those who work for long periods of time. And once you have varicose veins, don't panic.
And to prevent varicose veins, the doctor also gives three Suggestions: first, obese people should reduce weight, obesity is not a direct cause, but too much pressure on the legs may cause poor legs venous return, expand vein. Second, people who have been engaged in heavy physical work and standing work for a long time should pay attention to avoid standing for a long time. It is better to wear medical socks when standing for a long time, so that the superficial veins are under pressure. Thirdly, women should give special attention to their legs during menstrual period and pregnancy, and take more rest. They should massage their legs frequently to help circulation of blood and avoid varicose veins.