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In 2017, China is the largest source of garment and shoe imports outside the European Union

In 2017, China is the largest source of garment and shoe imports outside the European Union

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Eurostat released on February 27, according to data from 2017, 141.8 billion euro eu countries export clothing and shoes, the main export destination is other eu members, totaling 109.6 billion euros, accounted for 77%. Over the same period, eu countries imported 19.58 billion euros of clothing and shoes, 49% of which came from non-eu countries, a total of 95.4 billion euros.
In 2017, the Italian exports clothing and shoes 26.6 billion euros, accounting for 19% of the this product exports the European Union, then followed by Germany (22.8 billion euros, 16%), Spain (14.3 billion euros, 10%), Belgium (12.5 billion euros, 9%) and France (12 billion euros, 8%).
In 2017, 39.9 billion euros, Germany imports of clothing and shoes for this product exports more than 20% of the eu, then followed by the French (25.5 billion euros, 13%), Britain (23.5 billion euros, 12%), Italy (17.5 billion euros, 9%).
In non-eu countries and regions, Switzerland is a major destination eu export clothing and shoes, in 2017, the eu countries the product exports to Switzerland 6.4 billion euros, accounting for the 20% of the total amount of products are exported to the eu to outside, then, in turn, is the United States (4.5 billion euros, 14%), Russia (2.9 billion euros, 9%), Hong Kong (2.3 billion euros, 7%), Japan (1.7 billion euros, 5%) and China (1.6 billion euros, 5%).
The eu clothing and shoes in the area of China is the biggest source of imports, in 2017, this kind of products imported from China 33.4 billion euros, accounting for 35% of the total amount of the this kind of products imported from outside the country, then in turn, Bangladesh (14.6 billion euros, 15%), Turkey (9.1 billion euros, 9%), Vietnam (6.7 billion euros, 7%), India (6 billion euros, 6%), and Cambodia (4 billion euros, 4%).