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Sun ruizhe shares ten industrial development hotspots: the pillar position of the textile industry has never been shaken

Sun ruizhe shares ten industrial development hotspots: the pillar position of the textile industry has never been shaken

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On March 3, the 13th session of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference was held; The first session of the 13th National People's Congress will also be held on March 5, which means that we have entered the annual "two sessions".
Pointed out in the report to the communist party of China in the 19th, our country's economy has been developed from high quality development stage of rapid growth stage, from the national 31 provinces of 2018 provincial CPPCC, we also is not difficult to discern the future development of important signal, has given the development of high quality concrete around the floor plan. For the textile industry, how to achieve high quality development and lift people's happiness? During the two sessions, representatives from the textile industry gave their own answers.
On March 4, "the textile industry in 2018 the 'two meetings' representatives symposium" held in China textile industry association to new office, ZhongFang league secretary of the party committee and the secretary-general Gao Yong ChangSunRuiZhe, former President Mr Du, Wang Tiankai, former vice President of Xu Kun yuan, vice President of Yang Jichao, Xia Lingmin, deputy party secretary George chan, secretary for Wang Jiuxin, vice President of ying-xin xu xiaoping, Sun Huaibin, da-peng Chen, end, expert consultation committee Zhang Yankai, xu industry leaders, and from all over the country more than 10 textile industry representatives, members propose common to the industry development. The symposium was moderated by chan wai-kang.
George chan first introduced the ZhongFang league to the representative, committee member of the basic situation, and hope to advise representative, committee member of union work, at the same time also hope to represent sound to the two sessions, committee member to industry.
"China branch spring full, as the month circle" to fend off in speaking to borrow hong yi verse, expressed the CPPCC representative, committee member "back" copolymerization of a state of mind, and to the two sessions on behalf of the condensed wisdom, responsibility, sets, and thank you to send the voice of the stone, thank them for a petition for textile and garment industry a bright future for rich countries qiangming brilliant tomorrow.
Fend off in the "coagulation hearts meet force as to achieve high quality development" as the report, from "a set of data", "the two development key words", "ten industry development hot topic" share the industry development with two sessions on behalf of the committee.
In "a set of data", he talked about the stable, positive and positive trend of China's textile industry in 2017. He pointed out that industrial production growth slowed, 2017 domestic market steady growth, stable operation quality, and the effect good, and he also told the assembled representatives share the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up to the textile industry development has attracted worldwide attention. Now, he said, China's textile industry to build the world's most perfect modern manufacturing system, industrial manufacturing capability and level of each link are among the world top, not only effectively meet the one 5 of the world's population of domestic fiber consumption demand, also for other countries to provide more than 2000 2000 tons of high-quality fiber products.
In "two key development words," he talked about "the transformation of major social contradictions" and "high quality" development.
Ten industry development in the "hot issue", he from the resumption of industry recognition, "area" initiative and "going out", cost burden, environmental protection and sustainable development, intelligent manufacturing, "accurate" for poverty alleviation and development balanced, production management system, combining, cotton textile industry trade remedy, brand building and cultural confidence ten industry hotspot problems, Suggestions about industry and called for.
Exchange of representatives
Shandong ruyi technology group co. LTD. Chairman qiu yafu
In the past four years, ruyi group has mainly done three things according to its deployment. The first is to promote the intellectualization of the industrial chain of textile industry, establish 13 textile industrial parks, have an international voice in the field of cotton textiles, and contribute to the construction of textile power. Secondly, in the field of fashion brands, China's textile and apparel design and brand ability have made great progress. In the past, foreign brands are better than domestic brands. He says that stereotype needs to change. Although international brand in the field of luxury and high-end brand has a certain discourse, and no doubt is, whether it is from the design, research and development on the control of retail network, China's clothing brand is more ahead.
In recent years, ruyi has acquired 39 high-end men's wear brands through international brand acquisition, becoming the world's largest men's wear brand holding group, and the sales revenue of high-end brands ranks the sixth in the world. Through mergers and acquisitions, ruyi has greatly improved its voice in technology and fashion, with its overall business exceeding 60 billion yuan. In addition, following the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative, ruyi integrated several enterprises and transferred manufacturing capacity of industrial chain to Pakistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Egypt. In the formation of cost resources advantage, take the lead in the future of the wholesale market.
It is worth noting that high investment in the development process has become an inevitable problem for enterprises. Qiu yafu, Chinese clothing brand to participate in international competition to go to, especially to learn how to use gains income capitalization, the Chinese clothing brand to the steady development, actively integrated into the international competition, the use of the international, the concept of capital, as well as the international opportunities to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.
Chen lifen, chairman of jiangsu sunshine group
Sunshine group is the benchmark and leading enterprise of wool spinning industry, Chen lifen said, Chinese textile people with courage and responsibility to contribute to the development of the industry. In addition to feeling and learning, Chen believes that it is still necessary to do a good job to return to the starting point. In 2018, sun group will keep up the pace, focus on innovation in three aspects: one is the research platform, on the main business to achieve new breakthroughs in science and technology, through the sunny group r&d platform construction and cooperation with universities, guided by the demands of market and enterprise of research and development work, to realize the new material to the full range of intelligent textile manufacturing innovation; Second, accelerate the intelligent transformation, and become a benchmark enterprise in the field of wool spinning and clothing. The integration of production and marketing will be the trend of the future, and sunshine group will speed up the intelligent manufacturing process. 3 it is to do a good job in international distribution, output made in China, Chinese brands, sun group in Ethiopia investment the annual output of 10 million meters of worsted fabrics and base 1.5 million suits of whole industry chain will be formally put into production, the group will take a basis for overseas, set up China's image in the international market, Chinese voice.
Gao ling, President of xi 'an engineering university
As a "new recruit" in the textile industry, Mr Gao said he joined a panel last year and became a member of the industry. He felt that the more he knew about the textile industry, the more he respected it, because the industry was so dedicated and so demanding.
In recent years, xi 'an university of engineering has been following the "lofty" requirements proposed by China national textile association, namely, to build a high-level discipline, a team of academic masters and a high-level scientific research. The school takes the textile as the characteristic, clarifies the subject thought, strengthens the textile discipline, does bright clothing discipline. We will continue to bring in high-level talents and enhance the quality of our teaching staff.
In the next step, the university should be better oriented towards industrial development, precisely cultivate talents, conduct scientific research, cooperate with enterprises in all aspects, and jointly conduct project research, market promotion and personnel training. Pan xueping, chairman of jiangsu jinsheng industrial co., LTD.
Pan xueping said that the textile industry is the cradle of China's industry. Without the textile industry, China could not have the current development, so we should be a confident textile person. At the same time, we should be a smart weaver. The textile industry is a smart home. At the same time, must be a responsible weaver. Textile people to re-understand themselves, one must rely on publicity, two must rely on their own efforts. Shao changjin, chairman of xinxiang egret investment group co. LTD.
Why does the textile industry make a big contribution, but is often misunderstood in society? The main problem is that there is not enough publicity. In the society, tradition is equal to backwardness, and everyone is talking about new industries. He believes that the new industry is like a child in the family, which needs to be invested, but whether it can be successful in the future is not certain. However, the traditional industry is the pillar of the family and sustains the family's happiness. The people's yearning for a better life cannot be separated from the textile industry. Therefore, we should vigorously promote the textile industry and change the prejudice against the textile industry by society, finance, institutions and government. Besides, the industry should innovate itself and apply new technologies to the industry.
Shen fangyong, chairman of hubei tianmen textile machinery co., LTD.
Benefit from the marketization of the industry, industry transformation and upgrading as well as the national macro policy, etc., the company early goal has been achieved, now in addition to the Indian market, both in the domestic market, or Vietnam, Indonesia and other international markets, in the field of drawing frame, tianmen textile machinery is always occupies the majority of the market, and lead the industry technological innovation in the field of technology research and development.
Now, in the face of market changes, tianmen spinning machine still needs to focus on the textile field, constantly developing top products and competing with the world's top brands. He said that he will continue to do his job well, pay attention to the management of enterprises, establish low-cost, low energy consumption and high value-added enterprises, and keep the enterprises in good condition.
It is hoped that the government will guide the capital to the small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the small and medium-sized enterprises are greatly reduced, which has affected the spinning machine and the basic equipment of the textile industry.
He fei, group leader of zhao mengtao group, a branch factory of xianfang group
He Fei from a line, this is her first elected representatives of the two sessions, she said, the two sessions focus on the question of how to further enhance the front-line workers sense of honor, happiness, and the acquisition of professional, so that more young people in the textile industry, completes the labor of duty, and promote the benign development of the industry. At the same time, she also pays attention to the problem of "combination of production and financing" and hopes to make efforts to solve the financing difficulties and expensive problems of small and medium-sized textile enterprises.
Fan dongyun of Lanzhou Sanmao Industrial Co.,Ltd
Fan dongyun said that as a new representative, he hopes to make a contribution to the textile industry and contribute his meager strength. The year 2018 is the year of hope for China's textile industry to usher in a new starting point, new heights and new prospects. In the new era, the development of the textile industry has raised new requirements, faced new challenges, and ushered in new opportunities for transformation and upgrading.
Fan dongyun believes that the industry should seize the opportunity, take the market as the orientation, promote the development with innovation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry through the application of new materials, new technologies and new models. The spirit of craftsmanship, she says, is to keep improving, keep innovating, improve skills, and carry on the belt. As a front-line worker, we must speak for the textile industry and workers.
Gao sujuan, an employee of jiangsu jianlu group
Gao sujuan, who has worked in a textile factory since 1988, has been elected to the 13th National People's Congress for more than 30 years. She said, as a worker of north jiangsu textile enterprises, the difficult problem of employment has a profound experience, so I hope relevant departments can establish labor relations with textile enterprises, promote the development of textile and garment industry cluster in north jiangsu, hope to have more technical personnel to join the textile industry.
Changzhou old three group sewing operator li chengxia
"I am a migrant worker", a phrase that reveals li chengxia's pride. As a female worker who has been working in the textile industry for 13 years, she has a deep understanding of the working and living conditions of migrant workers and is determined to speak for them.
Li chengxia has three concerns this time, all around migrant workers. Root as a first-line textile workers, Li Chengxia know improve vocational skills training is not only the workers the necessary way to improve the quality of life, but also the urgent request of the current industry company to quality efficiency.
Thirteen years ago, from anhui chaohu city hanshan county DongShan Township see flowers village li la goose natural villages come to jiangsu changzhou old group, from a skills "small white" grow up to be a senior technicians, Li Chengxia said, this is inseparable from the enterprise training and support. Now with the improving of the textile science and technology, new equipment, new technologies appear frequently, automation equipment built in succession, the front-line workers urgent technology "blind spots", which rely on personal feeling is out of the question, she thinks, countries are also constantly improve the treatment of skilled workers, it also need a systematic training to the worker, and the training range expansion, all the migrant workers is willing to ascend into learning training system, so as to improve enterprise competitiveness.
Skill recharging is a hard requirement for career development and is as essential to "family care" as it is to recharge. Working outside, on the phone's screen cannot solve caring for the elderly, children, every year the Spring Festival is the most looking forward to the day of workmates, however, long road to go home every year to become the hot topic in the social from all walks of life. Problems such as difficulty buying tickets and traffic jams prevent people from returning home for family reunions during the peak season of returning home for the Spring Festival. Li suggested delaying the Spring Festival holiday so migrant workers could stay at home for a few more days to make up for a year's lack of love.
Social security payment is also a realistic problem faced by migrant workers. Front-line workers are highly mobile, and cross-regional migrant workers have led to the failure of some workers to pay for social security, causing great difficulties for migrant workers to retire. Many workers have called for the urgent need for the government to address the social security of migrant workers across the region, so that they can enjoy the same dignity and benefits as people from all walks of life.
Yang xun, chairman of jeanswest international (Hong Kong) co. LTD
For the first time, Yang xun participated in the National People's Congress as a member of the CPPCC. For him, the responsibility is different and the feeling is different. "The poor are immune to the noblesse" has always been a Yang xun enterprise and adhere to the belief, human behavior at the symposium, Yang xun said that the communist party of China led the Chinese people go to today, have made great achievements, he regrets.
The next 30 years, he thought, as long as along the road to the past 40 years of the same, namely, adhere to the leadership of the communist party of political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, core, par four consciousness, to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics confidence, confidence, system theory, the culture of the four confidence, don't forget to beginner's mind, and move on, and can realize the beautiful dream in China.
Summary statement
Gao yong concluded that the textile industry held annual "two sessions" representatives committee meeting, to the representative committee to understand the industry situation, and brought to the two sessions to play a large role. Each panel has a prominent theme, such as cotton policy, the enterprise cost, corporate financing, and other hot spots, emphasis on the intelligent manufacture last year, this year's hot topic is "be confident textile".
As early as the period of "11th five-year plan" period, the textile industry has put forward the construction power of vision, from textile powers now with less than three years, because of the situation, the environment changes, part of the power index should be revised, some indicators to adjust, but achieve power unchanged in 2020.
In fact, after more than a decade of development, China's textile industry has achieved the goal of following and leading the world in the vast majority of fields, and it is hoped that deputies will bring the current situation of the textile industry to the two sessions. Committee representatives should combine social concerns and publicize the special role of the textile industry in targeted poverty alleviation.
China's textile industry is fully capable, not only to build a strong textile industry, but also to take the lead in building a strong textile industry in China. Ten Suggestions provided by cifn are some old problems and some new problems, such as the positioning of the industry. Not always along with the social development, the social division of labor also produces change, to study how to integrate the textile industry to a new social division of labor, this is the new idea of science and technology, fashion, green positioning, to make the whole society, the relevant government departments can realize this.